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     Before we go in details, let me present you the idea of this concept: within a military unit, its commander has the option to found 2 elite squads. He can then assign members of the unit to one of this squads, or demote them back to regular members. For each squad, its posible to set a different number of fights as a requirement for completing DO, and also, for each squad, its posible to set 4 items to be colected by elite members after completing DO, so basically unit managers can use this to automatically supply their elite members with daily ratio.


     In order to set up the squads, the commander of the military unit needs to purchase 5 elite slots, from the unit edit option menu. Once he did that, elite members feature is unlocked, and the commander can promote and assign unit members to elite squads.
     Commander and first captain will be assigned automatically to squad 1 and the second captain to squad 2. Then, the commander has the option to assign unit members to fill those 5 elite slots. When you assign one member to a slot, it will automatically go to squad 1, but you can switch them between squads, or you can demote them back to regular members.
     If you want more slots, you will need to purchase them from unit's edit options menu. You can add 5 slots each time you expand your elite squads, and each time you need to pay an amount of gold:
  • first 5 slots and founding elite squads - 15 gold
  • level 2 - add another 5 slots - costs 30 gold
  • level 3 - add another 5 slots - costs 50 gold
  • level 4 - add another 5 slots - costs 75 gold
  • level 5 - add another 5 slots - costs 105 gold
  • level 6 - add another 5 slots - costs 150 gold
     From level 6 on, each time you want to add 5 more slots, it will cost you 150 gold.


     Step 1:
     Go to military unit edit  menu, and you will see there the option to add elite slots to your unit. Press the Add button to purchase first 5 slots and set up the squads:
  1. number of already purchased elite slots
  2. cost of next 5 elite slots
  3. add button

     Step 2:
     Now your elite squads are unlocked. The commander and first captain are assigned to squad 1 and second captain to squad 2, as shown in the example below:


     The commander and captains are assigned to elite squads for free, they do not occupy any slot. If you don not have any appointed captains, they will go automatically to elite squads the moment you assign them.

     Step 3:
     Commander has the option to assign any unit member to elite squads, by pressing the Elite button next to each member, indicated by the arrows in the example below


     TIP: place mouse cursor on buttons to see what each one does

     When you promote someone to elite members, by default they are assigned to squad 1. If you want, you can move them to squad 2, or get them back to squad 1 afterwards, or demote them back to regular members

  1. Remove elite button - demotes the player back to regular member
  2. Change Squad button - moves the player to the other squad

     You can appoint to elite squads at one time as many members as free slots you have. Each time you appoint one, the server will generate a message showing you the occupied/total elite slots ratio:



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