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Game Rules

Dear players, on this page you can find complete rules for IceApple game.

1.Important information

This rules are valid for all players of IceApple. Every time when you log in game, you agree to game rules. IceApple Administrator reserves every right to add, modify or remove some rules from this page, with or without (advance) any notice. It is impossible to list all possible offenses and exceptions - common sense is required too. For this reason, game administrators reserves the right to ban, unban or use any sanctionsto accounts without providing any reason, that can be found on this page. Account owners can always contact Ice-Apple Support to find out why there account is banned.


a) Every user is allowed to register only ONE game account. Account owner is player who own e-mail address that account is register from. For this reason every player need to register his account with valid e-mail address. If you do not have access to your account e-mail we can not help you if you have account issues. All users need to keep their account data safe and secure.

b) All accounts are property of IceApple. This mean it is not allowed, at any condition, to sell accounts or items for real money or other game items or gold. All players found selling their accounts/items this way will be permanently banned with no chance of appeal. Players are alowed to trade accounts, but game team must be informed about it, only this kind of trade (giveaway) is approved. We will swap your e-mails and accounts will change his owner.

c) If you play on same IP and computer with somebody else, for example from public network, any type of transactions or donations are forbidden, you must report to moderator that you play on same IP. If you play from public network regular you must use also your private computer or mobile phone as proof of your unique. Every donation between players that not proved their unique will be sanctioned.

d) All kinds of bots that are not aprroved by administration are illegal. If you will be caught while using bots you will be banned permanently.

e) Players confirm the right of the game administration to send non-personalized data (such as user ID) to 3d party statistical services (e.g. Google Analytics)


a) Insults. It is forbidden to insult players in any way. This include discriminating comments about: race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, political beliefs etc. All radical ideology, pornography and explicit scenes of violence are also forbidden. Threatening and blackmailing other players is not allowed, it is strictly forbidden to make Real-Life threats towards other players or IceApple team member. Expressions in any format about other countries, nations and regions, just like any other unclear insults are judged by Administration and may not match with players opinion.

b) All names must follow rules mentioned above as well. This goes for PLAYERS, PARTIES, MILITARY UNITS, COMPANIES and other game elements. It is forbidden to use names that belongs or similar to IceApple stuff member.

c) Chats. Official language in IceApple is English. Any messages in common chats in other languages can be erased by moderator without any notice. Also in everyone chat all messages about deals, bargains, trading or hiring are restricted.

d) Advertise. It is forbidden to advertise or mention other games or any means of advertise. [br] [b]4) Spam.[/b] Repeated messages, articles not connected with game and other meaningless expressions will be deleted.


a) Administration reserves the right to use any kind of punishment like warnings, temporary or permanent bans, gold and goods withdrawal without any additional informing.

b) The current list of moderators:

Admin - Game Administrator
Gunslinger - Technical Administrator

- Community Manager

- chief moderator

- moderator

c) Any player can use Game Support to contact with Game Team.


a) Unfair trade is not restricted. If you agree to an obviously unfair trade, it is your own fault and game team will not act against such issues.

b) It is forbidden to use a feature or exploits in the game in a way that is clearly was not intended. As a player you are obligated to report it to the game team.

IceApple Team

  • El Infame
    El Infame
    Süper Asker
  • Uros Veliki
    Uros Veliki
    Çalışkan İşçi
  • Pytoon
    Süper Asker
  • parazitu
    Gerçek Vatansever
  • parazitu
    Süper Asker
  • Starcky
    Süper Asker
  • HladenSpricar
    Süper Asker
  • Antigon
    Süper Asker
  • Guissepe
    Parti Başkanı
  • Kendari
    Parti Başkanı
  • B  Paul
    B Paul
    Parti Başkanı
  • MacoveiRed
    Parti Başkanı
  • bullterier
    Parti Başkanı
  • Saks74
    Parti Başkanı
  • MiguelAngel
    Parti Başkanı
  • ednau
    Parti Başkanı
  • Naida7
    Parti Başkanı
  • QuestrQ
    Parti Başkanı
  • xxxx
    Parti Başkanı
  • Jose HerreraH
    Jose HerreraH
    Parti Başkanı
  • Old Gerakl
    Old Gerakl
    Parti Başkanı
  • Skirata
    Parti Başkanı
  • Talesweaver
    Parti Başkanı
  • Pavlike
    Parti Başkanı
  • umputbeg
    Parti Başkanı
  • Robiuhas
    Parti Başkanı
  • WhiteLion PT
    WhiteLion PT
    Parti Başkanı
  • alexandrumarasucia
    Parti Başkanı
  • Aga NP
    Aga NP
    Parti Başkanı
  • Popy
    Parti Başkanı
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