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First steps
Hello. Welcome to Support system of IceApple.
There are some rules you need to know.

1) Registration.
Support is not connected with game, so you should register again.
Register with the nickname you use in game. Also, during the registration write the e-mail which is your login in IceApple.
In some cases Admin will ask to confirm yourself by Game PM.

2) Choosing Department
It's very important to choose it correctly, because tickets from different departments are confirmed by different members of IceApple Team.
Tickets which are not suitable to the department can be closed without reviewing.

3) Make tickets.
Tickets must be in English!
In tickets describe your problem with details and explanations. That make your ticket easier to answer.

4) Ban Appeals and Complain on Moderator
In case your complaint connected with unfair ban it MUST go through Ban Appeals first. Else it will be closed without answer.
If your Ban Appeal was rejected, and you make complaint you should give the ID of your last ticket.

5) Admin PM ingame.
All messages that can be solved in Support will be ignored. That is for all players without exceptions.